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Montessori Organizations:

American Montessori Society

The Montessori Foundation / Montessori Online
Montessori Connections
Montessori: The International Montessori Index
North American Montessori Teacher's Association

Local Montessori Schools:

Montessori Tides School
(533 2nd Avenue North, Jacksonville Beach; 904-241-1139)

Discovery Montessori
(Jacksonville Beach Florida; 904-247-4577)

J. Allen Axson
(4763 Sutton Park Court, Jacksonville, FL 32224; 904-992-3600)

John E. Ford
(1137 Cleveland Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32209; 904-630-6540)

Montessori Material Manufacturers:

Please use the following websites as a resource to increase your own understanding of Montessori and what your child is currently doing in her classroom.  We do not recommend Montessori materials to be purchased as toys.  Many of the materials require a very precise presentation for a child to best be introduced to the inherent concept.  Many practical life materials, however, are perfectly appropriate for the home.  Please see the next section below for websites and names of good distributors of learning toys that are appropriate gifts for the home.

Michael Olaf
Montessori Services
Bruins Montessori

Learning Toy Distributors:
Rosie Hippos

Animal Town
Chinaberry (books)

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