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ELEMENTARY COMMUNITY - Ages: 6 - 11 years old

The stars, earth, stones, life of all kinds form a whole in relation with each other, and so close is this relation that we cannot understand a stone without some understanding of the great sun!  No matter what we touch, an atom, or a cell, we cannot explain it without knowledge of the wide universe…What am I?  What is the task of man in this wonderful universe?  Do we merely live here for ourselves, or is there something more for us to do?”

Dr. Maria Montessori

In a joy-filled environment, elementary students move into abstract thought while expanding their intellectual development with the integrated cosmic curriculum.  The Greek word “cosmos” means “order and harmony” in the universe.  Students become researchers as they explore and gain understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe.  Knowledge of the universe and the fundamental needs of man form a strong basis for cultural studies.  Impressionistic lessons are presented to instill an appreciation for the past, present and future.  Peace education and community building become an important aspect of the curriculum, as young people become more conscious of themselves, society and fair play.

Montessori Elementary Education Key Concepts
  • Multi-age community
  • Foundation in the 3-6 environment
  • Three year learning cycle
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Concrete individualized/small group lessons
  • Freedom of choice and movement
  • Independence
  • Self-discipline and self-motivation
  • Consistency
  • Parents as partners in education
  • Practical Life
  • Peace Education and Community Building
  • Global awareness through international studies
  • Development of research and analytical skill through exploration and self-discovery